New Construction

  • New Office and Retail Buildings
  • Parking Structures/Lots
  • Site Facilities, Hardscape and Landscape

Seismic Retrofit

  • Foundation Upgrades, Repairs and Strengthening
  • Wall Strengthening
  • Roof/Wall Connection
  • Concrete, Wood and Steel Structures

Historic/Architectural Restoration

  • Documentation of Existing Features and Details
  • Protection of Existing Surfaces and Details
  • Meticulous Attention to Preserving the Integrity and Character of the Structure and Detailing

Commercial Additions/Remodeling

  • Enlarging Existing Office/Retail Spaces
  • Reconfiguration of Existing Spaces

Tenant Improvements-Interior Space Build-outs

  • Office and Retail Space
  • Medical / Dental
  • Space Reconfiguration